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You can still search for particular items or browse the categories on the left.  We will continue to maintain this website as a useful resource giving details of most of the books and resources produced on the Alexander Technique over the years.

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Thank you for your custom and we hope you continue to benefit - through reading, through lessons and through "working on yourself" - from the Alexander Technique.  
Order by Post, Phone or E-mail

The Alexander Technique teaches the skilful "use of the self": how we move, how we breathe, how we learn, how we organise our awareness and focus of attention and, above all, how we choose our reactions in increasingly demanding situations.

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Just Beneath the Surface - The Process of Counseling (sic) & Psychotherapy
Dr Sandra Delroy
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The Expanding Self                        
by GODDARD BINKLEY                        

£7.99  (RRP £22.00)

This is a great hardback book which is an extensive diary of Goddard Binkley's lessons with F M Alexander himself.   These diaries are the most extensive and vivid record of how F. M. Alexander taught. Goddard Binkley had lessons with Alexander 1951-53 and subsequently trained as a teacher.

As one of the only direct accounts of lessons with Alexander himself, it is therefore a unique 'must have'.

We have acquired a bulk supply which means we can now offer these at this very low price.
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We now stock this new memoir of Elisabeth Walker, a first generation teacher, taught by F M Alexander himself who has been teaching the Alexander Technique all her adult life.  It is a memoir of a life spent teaching the Alexander Technique, travelling the world and raising a family.  Now in her nineties, Elisabeth is still actively pursuing the first two!
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Forward and Away
by ELISABETH WALKER                            £16.50

This is the latest from Pedro de Alcantara, the President on the French Society of Alexander Teachers.  Integrated Practice presents innovative concepts and tools for the study, practice and performance of music...
Kitty Weilopolska was one of the students on FM Alexander's first training course. This volume of her memories, which was only published in 2003, is a fascinating read...
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Never Ask Why - Life Adventures of Kitty Weilopolska
by JOE ARMSTRONG                               £18.00
Alexander Books

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This is a great little book which is an extensive diary of Goddard Binkley's lessons with F M Alexander himself.  We have acquired a bulk supply and can now offer these for £8.00 - less than half list price.
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This is one of the newer titles on the Technique, a popular market book but aimed at the beginner and expert alike.  Body, Breath and Being explores the Alexander Technique through the experiences of those who have studied it and benefited from it.
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Body, Breath and Being
by CAROLYN NICHOLLS                          £14.99

A collection of essays by Marg Barstow's students, produced in celebration of her 90th birthday.  Some are intellectually demanding - and intellectually rewarding!
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Teaching and Training
by MARJORY BARSTOW                            £20.00
Master the Art of Running
The Use of the Self
by F M ALEXANDER                                     £7.99

The follow-up to Malcolm Balk's original book, "The Art of Running", this version has Balk's latest thinking along with more pictures and an even more zestful approach...
Probably the best introduction to Alexander's own writing, The Use of the Self is the clearest and most approachable of his books.  Here Alexander sets out the story of why and how he made his discoveries that led to the development of the Alexander Technique.